• Condursal N9W

    CONDURSAL N9W is a newly developed protective paint for normal plasmanitriding and also for pulse plasmanitriding. CONDURSAL N9W it is free of copper and the protective coating does not exhibit electric conductivity. After the plasmanitriding is finished, wiping or the original consistency. brushing can easily remove the residues of the paint.

Pricing (per can) 1-5 cans 6+ case lot
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Duffy Special Thinners 1-5 cans 6+ case lot
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CONDURSAL N9W Instructions For Use:

The steel surfaces to be protected have to be clean, dry, and free of oil, dust or other contaminants, which normally is achieved by washing or solvent degreasing. Before use, the content of Condursal N9W tins must be stirred up thoroughly to provide homogeneous consistency. After that, the paint can be applied to the work-pieces with a soft flat brush or by dipping/immersion. Normally one coating is sufficient to provide safe protection. For extremely long Nitriding cycles, where some of the coating will be sputtered off which might affect protection, a second coating is recommended, in order to get a thicker layer. In that case it is important to make sure that the first coating has dried thoroughly before the second one is applied.

The drying time of the paint, depending on the ambient temperature and atmospheric humidity, ranges between 1 and 3 hours per coating. After drying is complete, the work-pieces can be put into the retort. Coated areas on the work-pieces should not exceed 30% of their total surface.

If the paint has thickened in the tin after repeated opening and use, some of the “Special Thinner for Condursal N9W” can be added to restore the original consistency.

Removal of Residues:
After completion of the Nitriding process, the residues of Condursal N9W can be removed easily by wiping or with a steel brush.

Cleaning of brushes and other equipment:
After use the Condursal N9W tins should be closed airtight. For cleaning of brushes etc. the “Special Thinner” can be used or Xylene, but by no means water.

The can must be thoroughly closed immediately after each application, and must be prevented from freezing.