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    CONDURON G55 is extremely effective as a stop-off paint for all kinds of gas carburizing. It is particularly suited for deep carburizing up to case depths of .225" Since the residues of Conduron G55 are not soluble in water, alkaline or solvents, they have to be removed after heat treatment by blasting. Conduron G55 is free of any solvents, which becomes more and more important with respect of health and safety regulations.

Pricing (per can) 1-5 cans 6+ case lot
CN-1K55 (quart) Call Call Call
CN-5K55 (gallon) Call Call Call
Duffy Special Thinners 1-5 cans 6+ case lot
CN-7QT Yellow Label Call Call Call
CN-7GAL Yellow Label Call Call Call
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CONDURON G55 Instructions For Use:
Before applying, stir the contents of the Conduron G55 tin thoroughly. As received Conduron G55 is suitable for application by painting with a fine hair flat brush. Prior to painting, the surfaces of the components to be protected have to be cleaned thoroughly by either vapor degreaser or a detergent washer so that they are free of oil and grease. Apply a first coating of Conduron G55. Thickness of the coating should be as even as possible and should not be excessive (recommended approximately .008 - .012"). After the first coat has dried, which normally should be finished after about 3 hours, a second coating is applied in the same way and also dried thoroughly before the parts are put into the furnace.

Special Notes:
1. Two coats of Conduron G55 are not only recommended but also necessary for optimum protection.

2. Thorough drying of the coatings prior to heating is essential because cracking of the coating may occur when the work pieces are put into the furnace.

During use, with the can open, Conduron G55 will have a tendency to thicken due to evaporation of the liquid vehicle in the paint. In that case adding small quantities of "Special Thinner for Conduron G55" can restore the normal brushable consistency. Avoid over thinning; it would impair the effectiveness of the paste.

Removal of Residues:
After heat treatment the residues of Conduron G55 must be removed by blasting since they are not soluble in water or solvents.

Cleaning of brushes and other equipment:
Tins should be closed and brushes should be cleaned with water immediately after use. If painting has to be interrupted for some time brushes should be set in water to prevent thickening of the bristles.

Cans of CONDURON G55 should be stored in a dry cool place. Please prevent from freezing.